From Left to Right:  Nancy Henderson; Gary Betts, Mayor Pro-Tempore; Melissa Blalock; Clarence "Bucky" Jernigan, Mayor; Keith Fogleman; Renee Bryant

Board of Aldermen


Honorable Clarence R.





Term Expires: November 2021

310 E Brown Street

Randleman, NC 27317


As Mayor, Clarence R. Jernigan, or as he is better known to the citizens of Randleman, “Bucky”, has seen many changes during his tenure.  Mayor Jernigan has helped to guide the completion of Commerce Square, the creation of the North Carolina Food Truck State Championship, renovation of Stout Street Park, and completion of a new Public Works Building.  The Mayor says that these projects are part of the reason that he ran for his position because moving the City in a forward direction will “help to make it a better place to live, work and raise a family.”  Guiding Randleman’s future is the main goal for Mayor Jernigan.  He says that “we have completed a number of projects but we’re not done yet.  We’re looking to complete more recreational areas and host activities that will attract more working families and businesses to our City so that we may continue to grow and prosper.”


Mayor Jernigan has been a resident of Randleman for 50 years and when asked what he likes best about the City of Randleman, says, “I like everything in the City. It’s HOME.” To help others become acclimated and gain the hometown feeling that Randleman and Randolph County has to offer, Mayor Jernigan participates in many community oriented organizations.  These include the Masonic Lodge 699 Scottish Rite and the Randolph Shrine Club.  He is also a Charter Member of the Randleman Civitans Club and is a Trustee for Burnett’s United Methodist Church.  Mayor Jernigan is the Owner and Operator of Heath ATM and Amusements located in Randleman.


Gary B. Betts, Sr.

Mayor Pro-Tempore

Ward At-large

Term Expires: November 2019

110 Weaver Street

Randleman, NC 27317



As the Director of Randleman’s First United Methodist Church’s Your Place at the Table Program, Gary Betts understands what it takes to serve the public.  Alderman Betts says that he chose to run for his seat “to serve my community and hopefully make Randleman a better place for all.”  In leading the church’s program, which has served over 16,000 meals during the program’s incumbency since 2012, Alderman Betts has come to learn how rewarding public service truly is.  When asked what he enjoys most about the City of Randleman, Alderman Betts said, “Everything, but mostly the way the community comes together to accomplish goals, address issues and serve the public.” 

Alderman Betts spent 31 years working with AMP, Inc/Tyco International as an Electronic Manufacturing Division Supervisor, where he gained valuable insight as to what makes an organization successful.  Carrying this knowledge into the public sector, Alderman Betts has high expectations for the City of Randleman to make sound financial decisions but still continue to progress into one of North Carolina’s premier towns in the future.  He says that his goal for the City of Randleman is “to make a great place a little better.” 

Alderman Betts is also a charter member of the Randleman Civitans Club and is Chairman of the “In God We Trust” Committee, that was formed to oversee and advise the placement of the United States of America’s official motto, “In God We Trust” on various city buildings and vehicles.


T. Renee Bryant


Ward 1

Term Expires: November 2019

417 S. Stout Road

Randleman, NC 27317


Renee Bryant has been a citizen of the City of Randleman since 2012.  Alderwoman Bryant has always shown an interest in the innerworkings of the City and says that she decided to run for her ward’s seat because she “wanted to effect change to ensure that the fiscal matters of our city would be diligently managed in accordance with state laws, commonly accepted ethical practices, and in the open by those entrusted with the responsibility.” Transparency and Accountability are key goals that Alderwoman Bryant believes the City of Randleman is working towards achieving.  She says, “I am proud to serve in a city whose Administration, Department Heads, and Staff have worked with care and consideration to encourage transparency and fiscal accountability with taxpayer dollars.” Said accountability is reflected in the other goals that Alderwoman Bryant has for the City of Randleman, which include “to advance policies that support a growing economy, maintain public safety, promote community development and interaction for our citizens, and always ensuring spending for the priorities of the residents.” 

Alderwoman Bryant has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from North Carolina State University and her love for the furry citizens of the City is reflected in her memberships as a co-founder of the Friends of Randolph County Animals and a North Carolina Zoo Volunteer.   She is also a member of many community organizations, such as the GFWC-NC Randleman Woman’s Club and is a Charter Member of the Randleman Civitans Club.  Alderwoman Bryant also serves as a delegate for the City of Randleman on the Piedmont Triad Regional Council of Governments and on the Festivals and Events Committee, which oversees the planning and execution of various events with the Parks and Recreation department such as the North Carolina Food Truck State Championship and the City’s annual Market and Music concert series.



Melissa Blalock


Ward 2

Term Expires: November 2021



Melissa Blalock has served on the Board of Aldermen for 15 years.  During her tenure, Alderwoman Blalock has taken pride in helping the city advance into the 21st century.  She has overseen such transformations as the development of Randleman Lake, the Community Center, Commerce Square, new library space, and improvements to Stout St. Park, among others. 

She has been a resident of Randleman all her life, except while she attended school at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she earned a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration.  She is a proud mother and wants to help create opportunities that provide all children in Randleman the opportunity to succeed.  Melissa is a member of the Randleman Woman’s Club and the Randleman First United Methodist Church. 



Nancy R. Henderson


Ward 3

Term Expires: November 2021

437 High Point Street

Randleman, NC 27317



Nancy Henderson was appointed to her position when former Alderman Eric Ward stepped down from his post.  A lifelong citizen of Randleman, Alderwoman Henderson says that what she enjoys best about Randleman is “the small town feeling in that neighbors willfully help each other and the sense of belonging to this community.” This statement is best reflected in Alderwoman Henderson’s organizational memberships to the Randolph County Senior Adults, where she is a member of the Board of Directors, and the North Randolph Historical Society, which works to preserve and promote the history of Randleman and neighboring areas.  She is also on the Board of Directors for the Randolph County Art Guild.

A businesswoman by trade, Alderwoman Henderson retired from VF Corporation after 42 years of service.  Alderwoman Henderson has stated that she wants to use her business sense to continue the advancement of the City of Randleman by consciously overseeing how the City’s funds are allocated and approved to improve the overall betterment of the City.  This includes upgrading our utility services, repairing streets and sidewalks, and continuing the building and maintenance of our City parks and trails.  Alderwoman Henderson believes that the key to achieving these goals is “the continued cooperation of the Board of Aldermen, the City Manager, and our wonderful department heads.”

Alderwoman Henderson also serves as a member on the Festivals and Events Committee, which oversees the planning and execution of various events with the Parks and Recreation department such as the North Carolina Food Truck State Championship and the City’s annual Market and Music concert series.

Keith D. Fogleman


Ward 4

Term Expires: November 2019

103 Fogleman Lane

Randleman, NC 27317



A lifelong resident of the City of Randleman for 68 years, Keith D. Fogleman has plenty of experience dealing with the workings of the City and its citizens.  Prior to being elected to his post, Alderman Fogleman was a regular attendee at the City’s monthly and special meetings.  Alderman Fogleman says that what he likes best about the City is “the people of Randleman.”  In a recent discussion with Randleman’s own, “The King” also known as Richard Petty, the NASCAR legend told Alderman Fogleman that “we are all family.”  This sentiment is shared by Alderman Fogleman who says that he ran for election to concentrate more on areas of need that would benefit the children of Randleman and take care of the city’s senior citizens.  “I thought that Randleman was going in the wrong direction”, says Alderman Fogleman.  “We needed more money spent on our kids, seniors, roads and water and sewer lines.”  This statement is reflected in Alderman Fogleman’s goals for the future of the City of Randleman which include, “making Stout Street Park larger, improving the roads and water and sewer system, and getting things ready so that Randleman can become a great city.”

Alderman Fogleman is retired with 18 years worked as a sectionman at J.P. Stevens and 16 years with Kennametal. He is a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans and is active in the community.

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