Wastewater Plant Truck

City of Randleman Wastewater Plant

The Randleman Wastewater Treatment Plant is an extend air, tertiary treatment plant serving the City of Randleman.  Its capacity is 1.745 million gallons a day, and is treating an average of 1.1 million gallons a day.  The city also has a Pretreatment Program, which provides guidelines and aid to the industries in town.  This in turn keeps the Wastewater Treatment Plant and industries within state regulations.  Extended air and tertiary treatment means that the wastewater undergoes two stages of treatment: secondary and tertiary treatment. Secondary treatment uses microorganisms to digest or eat material that is dissolved or suspended in the water, and then separates the microorganisms from the cleaned water.  Advanced treatment includes filtration and disinfection with chlorination to kill germs in the water and then de-chlorinated so that it will not harm fish in the receiving stream.


Contact Information:

3475 Applewood Road
Randleman, NC 27317
Phone (336) 498-2254
Fax (336) 498-2254


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